19 September 2012

Jovian Aidil Adha Collection

Hello readers :)

Received this news from my sis fren after came back from TW gig @ surfbeach sunway lagoon on Monday 17 Sept ! Double happy...!yeay for my sis!

Read on below.My sis blog post that captured Jovian's heart..cewah!

Yes, you read it right. Jovian Mandagie has launched the Aidil Adha Collection and it is available via www.poplook.com

For those who are not very familiar with the online shopping site. I tell you, Poplook.com is very reliable online shopping site, my sister purchased two dress from them already and i can tell you they provide a very good and fast service. Kudos to them, my sister looked good at Gala Dinner during her First Sponsored Trip with Premium Beautiful Business. It was very last minute decision on what to wear because my sister is a busy iron lady in government service who didn't have enough time to find a green dress! (the metaphor is no kidding!) 
looking good rite? 
So, back to Jovian, since my first bought of Jovita. Read it here. I am falling more in love with the Jovian Collection because the elegant and rich-looking style.  

my sister, adibah our leader and myself  during my raya open house  

Me in Jovita by Jovian in S size.  p/s:  I noticed the piece a bit loose now compared this picture taken 2 weeks ago. The wonders of premium beautiful! :)

Now meet Jewel. Isn't she lovely? 

Like i said before, it is really a good bargain to buy a designer piece with affordable price. After all, Jovian is the "IT" thing now. Rasa duduk sama rendah berdiri sama tinggi dengan Ummie Aida, Fasha Sandha, Daphne Iking and Lisa Surihani yang sama-sama meminati koleksi Jovian ni. So, go grab your first ever collection of Jovian. Just pick your favourite(s) !

For fashionistas out there who wanted to wear designer piece but didn't have the body to work it, PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL is the answer. Trust me, I've been there done that.

Post courtesy of  Julianazriana via http://julia-nazriana.blogspot.com/2012/09/jovian-aidil-adha-collection-is.html

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